Crystal Scillitani, Founder of LeadingUp Consulting - North Carolina Education Consulting


Key Education and Work Experience

  • NC State University Program Coordinator, Elementary Education
  • NC Principal Fellow
  • 8+ Years as a Principal, serving both public and charter schools
  • Master of School Administration, NC State University

Leadership Honors (US Air Force)

Air Force leadership honors include:

  • USAF Commendation Medal
  • USAF Good Conduct Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal, Desert Storm
  • General Bruce K. Holloway Humanitarian Award

More About Crystal

Crystal is the founder of LeadingUp Consulting, a consulting firm based in North Carolina focused on advancing student achievement by strengthening teachers and school leaders. Crystal is a 25-year veteran of North Carolina schools and universities – serving in multiple roles from teacher to Principal to course instructor of Elementary Education at North Carolina State University. Prior to her career in education, Crystal also served in the United States Air Force.

In her free time, Crystal loves to run and work out, especially with her big goofy dog, Cooper. Crystal and her husband love to travel when she’s not spending time with their son, Matthew, a junior at East Carolina University.




Crystal Scillitani

Education Consultant

If there’s one thing I learned from 25 years in K-12 education it’s that being a school leader can feel pretty isolating.

Whether you’re a teacher, a principal or working in school administration - being a school leader can be a lonely role to play. While you can network and occasionally enjoy lunch together at monthly meetings, everyone lacks the time to truly support one another with sharing ideas or coaching.

When I retired from my work with NC schools in 2017, I founded LeadingUp Consulting to bridge that gap. For decades, I learned that empowering leaders – in particular teachers – and fostering a collaborative environment were keys to unlocking student achievement. So now, that’s what I do through LeadingUp Consulting – give you comprehensive solutions to your biggest challenges.

Having been in education myself, I know a one-day workshop won’t help you reach your potential. You need tailored solutions that work specifically for your school, leverage your strengths and speak to your teachers. You need training that matters and that gets you to that next level.

Education has been the guiding force of my career and shapes every aspect of how I help school leaders now. I was the first person in my family to graduate from high school and attend college. I put myself through school and enlisted in the Air Force. From there, I went into education – serving at every level, from classroom teacher to Principal to Instructor of Elementary Education at NC State University.

I’ve been the student, turning to education as my pathway to success. I’ve been the new teacher faced with the impressive challenges of managing a classroom. I’ve been the Principal and district leader tasked with solving problems that felt impossible while managing all the people that education touches. And I’ve been the educator guiding new generations of students and teachers.

Of all the levels I’ve experienced so far, this new chapter as a consultant might be my favorite. Because now, I get to work with you to identify solutions, teach you best practices and ultimately transform your classrooms to where you want them to be. And at the end of the day, if I’ve done my job well for you, maybe being a school leader can feel a little less lonely and a little more rewarding.

- Crystal

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