Solutions for School Leaders at Every Level

Solutions for school leaders at every level.


Coaching, Consulting and Training to grow your school and every person it impacts.


You want your school to move forward, but what can you do to motivate your students? How can you strengthen yourself as a teacher, principal or district leader so that everyone sees more success?

I'm Crystal Scillitani, Founder of LeadingUp. As a consultant, coach and trainer - I help you solve the challenges that get in the way of student achievement and hold your school back from its fullest potential.

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in North Carolina’s schools, I work with education leaders like you to provide in-depth solutions for impacting students, strengthening teachers and transforming your classrooms from every angle.

Crystal Scillitani | Education Consultant

Crystal Scillitani | Education Consultant


With my comprehensive approaches to professional development, workshops, training and consulting – we’ll make valuable improvements and embrace what you’re doing well. As we’ll explore, the path to success isn’t always about fixing problems – it’s also about celebrating your wins along the way.

From the classroom to district offices, we can reach your leaders at every level. Let's take the next steps to success together.